Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Myths and Facts about Migraine

Migraine has garnered huge print and web space across the world. It is common problem faced by many people. But different people have different versions about common migraine. In that light, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify what is myth and what is a fact. Because of such confusions, people should always check the real facts. Confusions and misconceptions can prevent the victims of migraine from seeking proper treatment for their condition.

One of the myths about migraine prevalent among people is that it is just a type of headache but this is a totally false notion. Migraines can cause serious problems and often lead to pain in other body areas like neck and shoulders. One should never ignore it as a mere headache and should consult the specialists. Many people present different reasons behind the occurrence of migraine but clearly, all those theories are myths. The fact is migraine has no known cause, as of yet. Factors like light, heat or noise can trigger the pain the head but what actually invites this problem is yet to be identified.

There are plenty of myths about cures for migraine but the fact says, migraine is not totally curable. It can occur again and again. Though you can minimize the pain but cannot cure it totally. Its symptoms can be treated and managed and by bringing some lifestyle changes, you can reduce the chances but it is hard to get rid of it completely. Few other myths about migraine are that it is commonly experienced by women and it is an adult problem. But both notions are totally wrong.

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